Calorie Counter for (2015 - 2021)

UI • UX • Branding • Marketing

MyPlate is an award-winning* app and where I was able to have the biggest impact during my time at Leaf Group. We were regularly featured in the app store and maintained a 4.5 rating or higher release after release. 

During my six years on the project, I led countless projects and initiatives to improve usability and design. This included a significant cosmetic refresh in 2019 to comply with newly developed accessibility guidelines and introduce a dark mode to the app.

It’s amazing to spend so much time invested in a project that meaningfully impacts users' lives, and adapt to changing UX needs and design trends to maintain relevance. I was able to see MyPlate through a series of improvements such as redesigning the onboarding flow to do increase retention and reduce churn.

In 2018 MyPlate won the Webby People's Voice Winner: Apps, Mobile, and Voice Best Visual Design/Function.

A hand holding a phone open on the MyPlate calorie counter homescreen
A web ad showing multiple MyPlate screens
A web ad showing floating components of myplate coming out of a phone
iOS widgets for MyPlate release for iOS16
MyPlate key screens. Home, progress, food tracking and search, and food details
MyPlate key screens continued. My Recipes, Water Tracking, Daily Average Macro details, and Onboarding illustration 1
Components from the 2019 redesign of MyPlate's progress section showing various data visualizations
MyPlate Dark Mode key screens
MyPlate accessibility updates showing how text contrast was increased to acceptable levels
A gif showing the transition between the old MyPlate color scheme and the new, accessible one
Full suite of custom vector icons for MyPlate
A high level wireframe and flow chart showing MyPlate's onboarding flow
A wireframe of MyPlate's homepage